As you ponder on different projects that will make your home stand out, dedicate your time to these landscaping trends that will surely turn heads, create value and a make your outdoor area the place to be.

Mosaic Pathways

Mosaic pathways have the ability to create the same appeal of a garden pathway. Giving you the luxury to mix and match stone styles and textures as you please.

Pet Landscaping

Most Americans have pets, so landscape maintenance is important. Ensuring your pet’s comfort inside and out by providing a separate area in your yard for them to relieve themselves and the room to enjoy the space is important. Pet landscaping will relieve you of the responsibility of searching for your pet’s droppings while still upholding the glow of your landscape.

Water Feature

Fountains or shallow reflecting posts are natural elements that create a therapeutic atmosphere in your yard. Make your landscape stand out with serene sounds of dripping water from a water fountain, to calm the spirit and mind after a long day.

Garden Wall

Utilizing a shed wall or a freestanding unit made from pallets, you can vertically grow a garden with limited space needed. Give your landscape some flare with beautiful flowers and minimum space.

2018 is about creating a healthy holistic household atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. The above trends promote serenity and making a statement that will differentiate your home in a great way!

Happy Landscaping!


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