While 2017 was all about warm neutrals, we are making a statement in 2018 through hues such as blue, yellow, pink, and black. If you need help coming up with creative ways to use these colors in your home, please look no further.

Bold Turquoise
Turquoise is capable of filling an entire space, without complimentary household accessories.

A Sunny Day
If you want your room to feel cheerful, organic, and cozy, think about painting your walls a warm rich yellow.

Sleek Black
Black is a complementary color and should be treated as neutral this year. Black is the perfect color to add drama to your space.

Empowered Pink
Pink is no longer gender-specific, pink is about emotion. Pink can invoke the feeling of joy, excitement, and serenity, everyone can relate too.

Therapy Blue
Blue is a color that immediately puts you at ease, placing you in a calm state of mind.

Geico Green
Brighten up your space with a tech color.

Classic Metallics
Gold accents were considered dramatic in 2017, but in 2018 they are reorganized as neutral with a royal stance.

Fiery Red
Harmonize your space with a vibrant red color that is meant to stand out.

Set the mood for the 2018 year, with a change in color. Redecorate your home to display your personality and set the tone by utilizing one of the highlighted hues above. Set your own home color trend!


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