Did you know that how you use your basement could potentially increase the value of your home? Experts believe remodeling your lower level, can easily add up to $10,000 to your home equity. Why not upgrade your basement by transforming it into an entertainment room or home office?

  • One thing to keep in mind before undertaking any kind of remodeling is the future use of the lower level. Also, you should be flexible in remodeling to get interiors that can be used for different purposes.
  • Before anything else, check whether there is moisture or dampness in your lower level or not. You need to dry up the lower level before beginning any remodeling work. This can be done by grading soil away from the foundation and repairing the gutters.
  • Stay away from drop ceiling if you want your lower level to look like the rest of your house. Drop ceiling eats up precious height and gives a cheap look to the finished lower level.
  • You need to steal space to make the lower level look bigger than it is. You can go for built-in shelves. However, too much woodwork can make the project expensive, therefore, reducing your return on investment. Just keep it simple and beautiful.
  • Stale air makes all remodeling efforts ineffective. You need to install an air purification system in the basement to create an inviting feel. Such an effect can also be attained through the use of creative lighting fixtures.
  • If possible, install an open stairwell to connect the upper portion of the house with your basement. It not only looks nice but also allows more natural light into your basement. Resist the temptation of installing beautiful railing on the stairs if you have large furniture items to be moved into the basement.
  • No matter what remodeling you do, ensure it matches the structure of the entire house. To create a natural glow and a comfortable atmosphere.

If you do not have prior knowledge of remodeling your basement, you should contact an experienced and reliable remodeling expert in your area. I have been helping homeowners remodel their homes for a long time now. If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact me via camilleg@rlcityres.com. 


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