If you are a first-time home buyer ready with a down payment in your bank account, you want to buy a house as soon as possible. That is understandable as home ownership gives an exalted status and a very proud feeling. Given the condition of inventory, stiff competition among buyers, and rising home prices across the country, it seems buying a home has become a very difficult task. Is there really a best time to buy a house? Let discuss….. 

It can be a grind to look for a home in spring

If you go by conventional wisdom, you would find that spring is the season when the housing markets across the country come alive with the activities of buyers and sellers. It is true that inventory around this time when winter season has just ended is at its peak in any given year. Most sellers know that there are enough buyers in the market. These buyers are in a hurry to close the deal before the next school session of their kids begins. Even realtors find their hands full with their phones ringing constantly.

As a buyer, you find that there are so many other buyers that it becomes almost impossible to beat them and make the owner accept your offer. This brings us to our topic which is the best time of the year to buy a home.

Give it a shot on Easter Sunday

If you fail to buy a home during spring, target Easter Sunday as the day to identify to buy a home. You might be surprised with the choice of Easter Sunday that falls between March and April, but the fact is that on this day everyone is busy with festivities and there is almost nil activity in the housing market. Of course, it may be difficult to contact the listing agent or the seller on this day but if you can manage it, Easter Sunday proves to be a very good day for home buyers.

No buyers around on Christmas

The best day of the year to buy a home is Christmas. Why, because no one is looking to buy or sell a house on this biggest day of the Christian calendar. Everyone is in a joyous mood, making merry with his relatives and friends. As a buyer, you would face no competition at all as all buyers are celebrating Christmas. Also, you can take advantage of the good mood of owners having their homes on the market. They are serious and motivated sellers and you can negotiate with them to lower the asking price.

Remember then that the two best days of the year to buy a home are Christmas and Easter Sunday. We are always available, especially during the best days to buy. Are you thinking of moving, want to know the current value of your property, or need a pulse on the industry? Let’s chat: camilleg@rlcityres.com



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